I’ve been in Israel during the last week, visiting friends and family.

As it happens we also have a decent number of our affiliates that live there as well. So I have been using this trip to meet with as many of them as possible. It has been both fun and interesting. Having these one on one meetings helps reinforce the relationships we have as most of our communications are often only by email, IM, Skype and/or phone.

One item that I see coming up in many of the meetings is that affiliates ask what else we can do to help them. They are not asking us to help them with their SEO efforts or PPC accounts. They often ask for help with technical or design related issues.

Lesson Learned, a Year of Lost Sales & Revenue

One of the affiliates that I met has a history with us from a few years ago where he was able to send us around 50 new customers per day. He stopped for a while and towards the end of last year was ready to start up again. We worked with him to create a new website for this, and he contracted both a freelance designer and programmer to put the new site together. The problem was that the site did not convert for him, so he wanted to make some changes to the site. This is where we both started to lose a year’s worth of sales and revenue…

It turns out that the programmer that created the site made it so complicated that the affiliate got discouraged from making any changes. Even what seemed like simple changes, seemed to be too difficult to implement without contacting that programmer again. Now I don’t know if it was a lack of technical knowledge by the affiliate, or over complication by the programmer that cased this, and it does not matter for us. The problem was that the affiliate did not feel comfortable contacting us for the technical help he needed. We have a number of programmers we can use to help him – what he needed would only take a good programmer about half a day to finish.

Now from my standpoint, dedicating a few hours of one of my programmers time to an affiliate that can get 50 new customers per day is a good investment. However, I cannot make that determination if I am not asked about it.

Affiliate Lesson:
Don’t be afraid to ask for help for the merchant or network. We are there to help you generate as many sales/leads as possible.

Merchant Lesson:
Make sure your affiliates know they can ask you for help (within reason) and what kind of help you can offer them.